What’s New

30 Jun 2017
IMDEA Energy is looking for excellent postdoctoral researchers to submit a joint application to the Marie Slodowska-... +
27 Jun 2017
IMDEA Energy will host the next plenary meeting of the Environmental Committee of AEC on June 27th.
16 Jun 2017
Speaker: Alba García (Predoctoral researcher of the Photoactivated Processes Unit)
16 Jun 2017
Speaker: Dr. Rebeca Marcilla (Senior researcher of the Electrochemical Process Unit)
5 Jun 2017
On May 26th 2017 IMDEA Energy hosted the ‘Meeting on energy research: Czech Republic and IMDEA Energy’.
5 Jun 2017
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Juan César (Tito) Scaiano (Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Ottawa)