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16 Nov 2015
Bellan, S.; Alam, T.E.; González-Aguilar, J.; Romero, M.; Rahman, M.M.; Goswami, D.Y.; Stefanakis, E.K. “Numerical and... +
15 Nov 2015
Martina Ambrogi Research stay under the ITN RENAISSANCE project funded by the Marie Curie People Programme of the 7th... +
23 Oct 2015
The  Workshop will take place at IMDEA Energy Institute on October 23rd
6 Oct 2015
Demuez, M.; Mahdy, A.; Tomás-Pejó, E.; González-Fernández, C.; Ballesteros M. “Enzymatic cell disruption of microalgae... +
1 Oct 2015
This year the IMDEA Energy Institute has brought together young and old in a dissemination event whose aim is to bring... +
30 Sep 2015
El próximo 30 de septiembre tendrá lugar en el Instituto  IMDEA Energía el Technical Workshop del proyecto ETRERA 2020... +