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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the IMDEA Energy Institute is formed by a variety of scientists with international reputation in different energy topics. This body is aimed to advise the Director of the Institute in elaborating the scientific programme and in establishing the goals to be achieved by periods of four years. Likewise, the Scientific Council is responsible for evaluating and assessing that the activities scheduled for each year have been carried out and that the four-year goals have been achieved.

Photograph of Martin Kaltschmidt

Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltschmitt
Director of Institute for Environmental Engineering and Energy Economics
Technical University of Hamburg, Germany

Photograph of Antonio Monzón Bescós

Prof. Dr. Antonio Monzón Bescós
Director of the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technologies Departament
University of Zaragoza, Spain 

Photograph of Nazim Muradov
Prof. Dr. Nazim Muradov
Research Professor
Florida Solar Energy Center
University of Central Florida, USA
Photograph of Carmen M. Rangel

Dr. Carmen M. Rangel
Research Coordinator 
LNEG, Portugal

Photograph of Aldo Steinfeld

Prof. Dr. Aldo Steinfeld
Professor of Renewable Energy Carriers at ETH and Head of the Solar Technology Laboratory at the Paul Scherrer Institute

Photograph of Aldo Steinfeld
Prof. Dr. Iacovos Vasalos
Emeritus Researcher Professor
Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI)
Thessaloniki, Greece
Dr. Francisco Gírio
Coordinator of Bioenergy Unit at National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, PT
Prof. Dr. Manuel Berenguel Soria
Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science
University of Almería, Spain
Prof. Dr. Michael Froeba
Applied Inorganic Chemistry Department
University of Hamburg, Germany
Dr. José A. Olivares
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Gumersindo Feijoo
Full Professor of  Chemical Engineering
Santiago de Compostela University