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Diana Ciurduc

Researcher in training
Electrochemical characterization of materials with application in energy storage
Short Bio: 

Diana Elena Ciurduc studied Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna (2012 – 2017). The bachelor's thesis focused on the development of an electrochemical sensor for the evaluation of the antioxidant capacity in food matrices as juices and Goji berries. She has taken her master's thesis within the Erasmus program in a collaborative project between the University of Bologna, the Complutense University of Madrid and the ICMAB - CSIC of Barcelona. In this project she has electrodeposed several active species (copper hexacyanoferrate, nickel hexacyanoferrate and double-layer hydroxides) on various carbon-based materials (graphoil, carbon tissue and Toray carbon paper) and nickel foam in order to obtain electrodes. These were then characterized by cyclic voltammetry and SEM. Lastly, they were used as cathodes in Li-air batteries. In Madrid she also performed a parallel work where carbon was obtained from human hair, and through a nitrogen adsorption isotherm, the porosity of this material was evaluated.