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Publications in Scientific Journals 2018

  1. Berenguer, A.; Bennett, J.A.; Hunns, J.; Moreno, I.; Coronado, J.M.; Lee, A.F.; Pizarro, P.; Wilson, K.; Serrano, D.P. “Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of m-cresol over Ni2P/hierarchical ZSM-5”. Catalysis Today, 2018, IN PRESS.
  2. Cubas-Cano, E; González-Fernández, C; Ballesteros, M; Tomás-Pejó, E. “Biotechnological advances in lactic acid production by lactic acid bacteria: lignocellulose as novel substrate”. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, 2018, IN PRESS.
  3. Fresno, F.; Reñones, P.; Alfonso, E.; Guillén, C.; Trigo, F.; Herrero, J.; Collado, L.; de la Peña O’Shea, V.A. “Influence of surface density on the CO2 photoreduction activity of a DC magnetron sputtered TiO2 catalystJournal: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental”, 2018, 224, 912-918.
  4. García-Gusano, D.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J. “Is coal extension a sensible option for energy planning? A combined energy systems modelling and life cycle assessment approach”. Energy Policy, 2018114, 413-421.
  5. García-Gusano, D.; Istrate, R. I.; Iribarren, D. “Life-cycle consequences of internalising socio-environmental externalities of power generation”. Science of the Total Environment, 2018612, 386-391.
  6. Hanein, T.; Gálvez-Martos, J.L.; Bannerman, M. “Carbon footprint of calcium sulfoaluminate clinker production”. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018172, 2278-2287.
  7. Hernando, H.; Fermoso, J.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Opanasenko, M.; Pizarro, P.; Coronado, J.M.; Čejka, J.; Serrano, D.P. “Performance of MCM-22 zeolite for the catalytic fast-pyrolysis of acid-washed wheat straw”. Catalysis Today, 2018IN PRESS.
  8. Lubbock, R.J.; Luque, S.; Rosic, B.R. “A New Transient High Heat Flux Convection Calibration Facility for Heat Transfer Gauges in High Enthalpy Flows”. Journal of Heat Transfer, 2018140 (4), 041701(1-10).
  9. Martín-Gamboa, M.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J. “Environmental impact efficiency of natural gas combined cycle power plants: A combined life cycle assessment and dynamic data envelopment analysis approach. Science of the Total Environment, 2018615, 29-37.
  10. Muñoz-Torrero, D.; Leung, P.; García-Quismondo, E.; Ventosa, E.; Anderson, M.A.; Palma, J.; Marcilla, R. “Investigation of Different Anode Materials for Aluminium Rechargeable Batteries”. Journal of Power Sources, 2018374, 77-83.  
  11. Navalpotro, P.; Anderson, M.; Marcilla, R.; Palma, J. Insights into the energy storage mechanism of hybrid supercapacitors with redox electrolytes by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. Electrochimica Acta, 2018, 263, 110-117. 
  12. Neumeier, A.; Sampedro, D.; Majek, M.; de la Peña O'Shea, V. A.; Jacobi von Wangelin A.; Pérez-Ruiz, R. “Dichromatic photocatalytic substitutions of aryl halides with a small organic dye”. Chemistry - A European Journal, 201824 (1), 105-108.
  13. Rafiei, S.; Tangestaninejad, S.; Horcajada, P.; Moghadam, M.; Mirkhani, V.; Mohammadpoor-Baltork, I.;  Kardanpour, R.; Zadehahmadi, F. “Efficient biodiesel production using a lipase@ZIF-67 nanobioreactor”.Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018334, 1233-1241.
  14. Sankaranarayanan, T.M.;  Kreider, M.; Berenguer, A.; Gutiérrez, S.; Moreno, I.; Pizarro, P.; Coronado, J.M.; Serrano, D.P. “Cross-reactivity of Molecular of Guaiacol and Propionic Acid Blends during Hydrodeoxygenationover Ni-Supported Catalysts”. Fuel, 2018214, 187-195.
  15. Tian, H.; Fotidis, I.A.; Mancini, E.; Treu, L.; Mahdy, A.; Ballesteros, M.; González-Fernández, C.; Angelidaki, I. “Acclimation to extremely high ammonia levels in continuous biomethanation process and the associated microbial community dynamics”. Bioresource Technology, 2018247, 616-623.
  16. Valente, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J. “Harmonising the cumulative energy demand of renewable hydrogen for robust comparative life-cycle studies”. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018175, 384-393.

Publications in Scientific Journals 2017

  1. Ajjan, F.N.; Tiruye, G.A.; Cordella, D.; Fernandes, A.M.; Grygiel, K.; Isik, M.; Patil, N.; Antonietti, M.; Detrembleur, C.; Inganäs, O.; Jérôme, C.; Marcilla, R.; Mecerreyes, D.; Taton, D.; Solin, N. “Innovative Polyelectrolytes/Poly(ionic liquid)s for Energy and Environment”. Polymer International, 201766 (8), 1119-1128. IF=2.070
  2. Álvarez, S.; Mollocana Lara, J.G.; García Cena, C.E.; Romero, M.; García de María, J.M.; González-Aguilar, J. “Identification model and PI and PID controller design for a novel electric air heater”. Automatika, 201758 (1), 55-68. IF=0.260
  3. Andronescu, C.; Barwe, S.; Ventosa, E.; Masa, J.; Vasile, E.; Konkena, B.; Möller, S.; Schuhmann, W. “Powder Catalyst Fixation for Post-Electrolysis Structural Characterization of NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide Based Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts”. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 201756 (37), 11258-11262. IF=11.994
  4. Arbib, Z.; de Godos, I.; Ruiz, J.; Perales, J.A. “Optimization of pilot high rate algal ponds for simultaneous nutrient removal and lipids production”. Science of theTotal Environment, 2017589, 66-72. IF: 4.900
  5. Arbib, Z.; de Godos, I.; Lara, E.; Rogalla, F. “Understanding the biological activity of high rate algae ponds through the calculation of oxygen balances”. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2017101 (12), 5189-5198. IF=3.420
  6. Arribas, L.; Arconada, N.; González-Fernández, C.; Löhrl, C.; González-Aguilar, J.; Kaltschmitt, M.; Romero, M. “Solar-driven pyrolysis and gasification of low-grade carbonaceous materials”. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 201742, 13598-13606. IF=3.582
  7. Ayón, X.; Gruber, J.K.; Hayes, B.P.; Usaola, J.; Prodanović, M. “An optimal day-ahead load scheduling approach based on the flexibility of aggregate demands”. Applied Energy, 2017198, 1-11. IF=7.182
  8. Barwe, S.; Andronescu, C.; Masa, J.; Ventosa, E.; Klink, S.; Genç, A.; Arbiol, J.; Schuhmann, W. “Polybenzoxazine‐Derived N‐doped Carbon as Matrix for Powder‐Based Electrocatalysts”. ChemSusChem, 201710, 2653–2659. IF=7.226
  9. Barwe, S.; Masa, J.; Andronescu, C.; Mei, B.; Schuhmann, W.; Ventosa, E. “Overcoming the Instability of Nanoparticle-Based Catalyst Films in Alkaline Electrolyzers by using Self-Assembling and Self-Healing Films”. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 201756 (29), 8573-8577. IF=11.994
  10. Bellan, S.; Cordiviola, A.; S Barberis, S.; Traverso, A.; González-Aguilar, J.; Romero, M. “Numerical analysis of latent heat storage system with encapsulated phase change material in spherical capsules”. Renewable Energy Environmental Sustainability, 20172, 3.
  11. Botas, J.A.; Moreno, J.; Espada, J.J.; Serrano, D.P.; Dufour, J. “Recycling of used lubricating oil: evaluation of environmental and energy performance by LCA”. Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 2017125, 315-323. IF=3.313
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  13. Brooks, N.J.; Castiglione, F.; Doherty, C.M.; Dolan, A.; Hill, A.J.; Hunt, P.A.; Matthews, R.P.; Mauri, M.; Mele, A.; Simonutti, R.; Villar-García, I.J. “Linking the structures, free volumes, and properties of ionic liquid mixtures”. Chemical Science, 20178, 6359-6374. IF=8.668
  14. Caldeira, V.P.S.; Peral, A.; Linares, M.; Araujo, A.S.; Garcia-Muñoz, R.A.; Serrano, D.P. “Properties of hierarchical Beta zeolites prepared from protozeolitic nanounits for the catalytic cracking of high density polyethylene”. Applied Catalysis A: General, 2017531, 187-196.  IF=4.339
  15. Castillo, C.; de la Peña-O’Shea, V.A.; Puente-Orech, I.; Romero de Paz, J.;  Sáez-Puche, R.; Gutiérrez Puebla, E.; Gándara, F.; Monge, A. “Addressed realization of multication complex arrangements in metal-organic frameworks”. Science Advances, 20173 (7), e1700773. IF=none
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