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30 Jun 2019
IMDEA Energy is looking for excellent postdoctoral researchers to submit a joint application to the Marie Slodowska-... +
31 May 2019
Speaker: Beatriz Oraa (Predoctoral Researcher of the Electrochemical Processes Unit)
31 May 2019
Speaker: Dr. Tania HIDALGO CRESPO (Postdoctoral Researcher at the Advanced Porous Material Unit)
24 May 2019
After the success of the SFERA 2 training courses program, we are pleased to present the continuation of the program... +
20 May 2019
The issue of madridiario.es on ‘El MADRID social: fundaciones y RSC’ (The social MADRID: foundations and CSR) that has... +
20 May 2019
IMDEA Energía estará presente en el festival Pint of Science (PoS) 2019, con la participación de Tania Hidalgo,... +