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12 Dec 2019
The VI Smart Grids Conference, the main professional forum for Smart Electricity Networks in Spain, will be held on... +
26 Nov 2019
On the 26th November 2019, IMDEA Energy will host the workshop “Planning the implementation of alternative fuels in the... +
11 Nov 2019
En la novena edición de la Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovación, el Instituto IMDEA Energía abre sus puertas a... +
5 Nov 2019
Title: Characterization of microalgae-bacteria consortia in urban wastewater treatment Author: Santiago Barreiro... +
29 Oct 2019
Solar thermal power plants based upon solar concentration systems, CSP, have registered an outstanding reduction of... +
25 Oct 2019
Speaker: Francisco Artillo (Predoctoral Researcher from the Thermochemical Processes Unit) Short- bio