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About us


Our current energy system faces many challenges in regard to economic, political and environmental issues. The need for a radical change in the primary energy pool is widely acknowledged. There is general consensus that the shift to a sustainable energy system depends largely on promoting the scientific and technological development of renewable and clean energy sources. Thereby, it is essential that the new energy technologies can be applied at a large scale with competitive costs, which will require a strong and sustained R& D effort.

Mission and Goals

The ultimate goal of the IMDEA Energy Institute is to produce outstanding scientific and technological contributions for reaching a sustainable energy system. Accordingly, the Institute is aimed to strength the R&D activities on energy topics by bringing together top level researchers, providing them with excellent infrastructures and resources, and promoting their close collaboration with the industrial sector. It is envisioned that IMDEA Energy Institute will become in the mid-term one of the reference institutions in energy-related research at international level.