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14 May 2021
IMDEA Energy launches the first call for proposals to host distinguished Principal Investiga
11 May 2021
OLEOFERM, led by the Biotechnological Process Unit of IMDEA Energy, has been launched in April 2021. This is a 36... +
11 May 2021
The search for water treatments technologies with a low energy demand have led to explore the application of... +
11 May 2021
Pyrolysis is a thermochemical process that allows treating organic waste (urban garbage, plastics, forest residues... +
7 May 2021
Title: Valorización de microalgas para la producción de ácidos grasos volátiles, aceites microbianos y biogás, en un... +
28 Apr 2021
Batteries are becoming key energy storage devices to promote the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally... +
20 Apr 2021
From a socioeconomic point of view, water splitting is one of the most interesting photocatalytic reactions to generate... +