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Held a Conference on R&D&I grants of the Community of Madrid

On September 28th IMDEA Energy hosted an informative conference on R&D&I grants of the Community of Madrid in which the Regional Minister of Education and Research the General Director of Universities and Superior Artistic Education and the General Director of Research and Innovation participated,, who had the opportunity to visit the facilities of IMDEA Energy, in particular the laboratory of photoactivated processes, laboratory of excellence linked to the ERC project HYMAP, the pilot plant of batteries and the solar field of heliostats where the research activities of the H2020 SUN-to-LIQUID project are developed, in a piece of ground adjacent to the Institute and provided by the City Council of Móstoles.

The event brought together more than 100 attendees from companies, research centers and universities.
New regional aid lines were presented in the event:
-          Synergic R&D projects between research groups of universities or research centers, oriented to basic and interdisciplinary R&D.
-          R&D&I aid for SMEs and start-ups, with 3 different lines.
-          Hubs of innovation, for groups of, at least, a large tractor company, 3 SMEs or TBCs and a research center.
-          R&D&i liaison entities.
-          Innovation Check, which increases its amount.
More information:

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Event Date: 
Friday, September 28, 2018