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IMDEA Energy in madridiario.es

The issue of madridiario.es on ‘El MADRID social: fundaciones y RSC’ (The social MADRID: foundations and CSR) that has just been published echoes on pages 76 to 78 the contribution of IMDEA Energy Institute to a world without pollution that materializes in more than 60 projects, 90 scientific publications and 115 communications to congresses during the past year 2018, together with the 10 patents, highlighting the international projects related to the valorisation of CO2, the new concepts of batteries, the production of sustainable fuels from waste or solar energy and the increase in the stability of electrical grids.

Link: http://www.doopaper.com/pubs/madridiario/madridsocial/

Event Date: 
Monday, May 20, 2019