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The RITSE Project in FIT FORUM 2019

International project RITSE funded by Red Eléctrica de España, REE kicked-off in January and has already made significant progress. The project was presented by the French partner SuperGrid Institute in the international collaboration round table of the FIT FORUM 2019 http://fitforum2019.com/ held in Lille on October 8 where a video recording of Milan Prodanovic, Head of the Electrical Systems Unit of the IMDEA Energy Institute, was used to explain the main project challenges.

The expected reduction of conventional synchronous generation as well as the expected increase of non-synchronous variable renewable energy generation both lead to reduced inertial conditions in power networks representing the main challenge for the power system stability. SuperGrid (Lyon) and IMDEA Energy institutes proposed a new solution to address the rotor angle stability - “Reduced Inertia Transient Stability Enhancement” (RITSE) at the Grid 2030 international research call by Red Electrica España. New control concepts for HVDC links (subproject DVAC) and for distributed storage (subproject BATTERTIA) are proposed to guarantee the system inert-area and intra area stability.

RITSE Project assumes a combination of the two control strategies that allow the creation of robust zones inside the electrical system (regional inertia) that react to any disturbance in a conventional way (thanks to BATTERTIA) while DVAC is in charge of the management of the interactions between the zones guaranteeing safety against power oscillations. Consequently, the system operator will receive a set of advanced tools for active management of transient and small-signal stability in the grid.

More information: Milan Prodanovic, Head of the Electrical Systems Unit, milan.prodanovic@imdea.org


RITSE project, DVAC and BATTERTIA concepts introduced to improve transient stability of transmission networks
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019