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Conference: From municipal solid waste to advanced fuels and polymers (RESUCAP)

Speaker: Aitor Romero Verdugo (Predoctoral Researcher of the Thermochemical Processes Unit)

Short Bio

Aitor Romero got the certificate in Chemical Engineering and Energy Engineering at Rey Juan Carlos University in 2016. After that, he started a master in Chemical Engineering at Rey Juan Carlos University and Autonomous University of Madrid, while worked as a research support staff at Rey Juan Carlos University. In 2018, he started to work in Tecnicas Reunidas, in the thermal design department. Then, since February 2019, he got an industrial PhD grant (IMDEA Energy and Repsol), that is focused on the upgrading of pyrolysis oils from municipal solid waste.


Pyrolysis of non-recyclable plastic waste is being a promising alternative by which an organic liquid fraction can be used both as a raw material for the petrochemical industry and for the production of fuels with less environmental impact. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove contaminants, as halogens or metals, derived from additives contained in these plastic waste. Especially, chloride has to be closely controlled due to the associated fouling issues and corrosion in process equipment.

In this project, the use of traps and liquid-liquid extractions are considered as potential solutions. Moreover, modifications in the pyrolysis process can be an alternative for the removal of these pollutants.

Event Date: 
Friday, February 21, 2020



Aitor Romero

Event Location: 

Auditorium, IMDEA Energy Institute