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Exploring the future hydrogen production mix

Navas-Anguita, Z., García-Gusano, D., Dufour, J., Iribarren, D. Prospective techno-economic and environmental assessment of a national hydrogen production mix for road transport. Applied Energy 259 (2020) 114121. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apenergy.2019.114121

Nowadays, road transport is one of the sectors with higher greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to the high dependence on fossil fuels (diesel and gasoline). Within this context, it is necessary to explore alternative transportation fuels. Hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles could be an option to decarbonise this sector, since its use just releases water. Nevertheless, despite no direct CO2 emissions at the use phase, it is important to analyse from a techno-economic and environmental point of view the mix of production technologies that could supply the future hydrogen demand for the transport sector in the period 2020-2050.

This study authored by the Systems Analysis Unit of IMDEA Energy explores such a mix of production technologies under different scenarios of hydrogen vehicle penetration, considering environmental restrictions. In these scenarios, electrolysis plays a leading role in the medium and long term. Besides the relatively low greenhouse gas emissions found in these scenarios, high emission savings are associated with the replacement of fossil fuels with hydrogen in the road transport sector.

More information: Diego Iribarren, Senior Researcher, System Analysis Unit diego.iribarren@imdea.org

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Thursday, April 2, 2020