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The GET-COFUND programme presents its talents in online talks

The event will be broadcast in streaming on Monday, June 1st at 12:00. The researchers will present their projects and debate live with the attendees.

In the framework of the Got Energy Talent (GET) MarieS.Curie-COFUND programme, funded by the European Commission, different research projects on smart energy are being carried out. To make known the talents who have driven these projects, an online meeting will be held.

The talks will be led by Sabino Armenise, GET-COFUND researcher at the URJC, and will include the participation of María del Prado García and Ajitanshu Vedrtnam from UAH and Sergio Carrasco, María Ventura and Francesco Rovense from URJC. After interventions by researchers, those attending the event may submit their questions through a chat, which will be available to answer any questions or further information on the projects.

The Got Energy Talent, GET, is a European programme to incorporate experienced researchers who are working abroad in projects of energy issues in which universities, research centers and companies as Repsol, Cepsa, Iberdrola, Atos, Optiva Media, Orion High Technologies, Soticol Robotics Systems, Asti or Nielsen participate.

Six of the research fellows collaborate with the IMDEA Energy Institute in 5 projects of the second call of the GET programme on the following topics:

  • Sustainability and clean energies, project ‘Novel approaches for sustainability assessment of clean energy systems’ for which Abolghasem Kazemi researcher from the Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, will join the Systems Analysis Unit.
  • CO2 valorization, project ‘Advanced organic-inorganic hybrid materials for CO2 capture and conversion’ for which Sergio Carrasco Spanish researcher from the University of Stockholm, Sweden, has joined the Advanced Porous Materials Unit.
  • Polygeneration systems, project ‘Dynamic modelling of highly-efficient polygeneration systems’ for which Francesco Rovense researcher from the University of Calabria, Italy, has joined the High-Temperature Processes Unit.
  • Materials for Artificial photosynthesis, project ‘Modeling on Conjugated Porous Polymers’ for which Hugo Gattuso researcher from the University of Liege, Belgium, will join the Photoactivated Processes Unit.
  • Planning energy transition project ‘Energy Transition: Implementing the European Roadmap 2050’ for which Kyle Herman and George Câmara North American and Brazilian researchers, respectively, will join the Systems Analysis Unit.

Sergio Carrasco and Francesco Rovense will participate in the meeting.

Contact: Félix Marín, Responsible for Development and Technology Transfer. felix.marin@imdea.org


Event Date: 
Thursday, May 28, 2020