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IMDEA Energía collaborates in fighting COVID-19

IMDEA Energy joins the efforts undergoing by R&D sector to develop urgent solutions by offering in a solidary way its capacities and skills to cover the urgent demand of PPE by the sanitary staff of Comunidad de Madrid motivated by the exceptional situation associated to the pandemic of COVID-19. The Foundation IMDEA Energy has contributed in this difficult moment, with the donation the past March 26th to the University Hospital of Móstoles of all its stock of PPE typically used in research laboratories like masks, protection glasses, gloves and lab coats and highly demanded by the sanitary professional fighting more directly in contact with coronavirus.

Likewise, technical and scientific staff of IMDEA Energy is actively collaborating with the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in a project oriented to develop face protective visors for health service staff by using 3D printers. IMDEA Energy has two 3D printers being used for this initiative, a Makerbot with two extruders and a Pivot Maker with higher capacity of printing up to 850 mm3. Thanks to this equipment, IMDEA Energy is able to produce about 20 protective medical visors per day with PLA 850 (biodegradable polymer). The model adopted consists of two pieces: a head flange, printed with Pivot Maker, given its highest capacity and a second piece used as a connecting element that is printed in Makerbo. With that procedure, the production rate has been optimized.

On April 1st, IMDEA Energy supplied the first stock of medical visors to URJC for subsequent distribution to different hospitals and health centres of Comunidad de Madrid. In addition, it should be highlighted that staff of IMDEA Energy (Paula Navalpotro, Ignacio Almonacid and Pablo Rodríguez) are collaborating with the initiative “covidmadrid”, through the platform (http://covidpozuelo.com/), producing visors at home with their personal 3D printers.

More information: Félix Marín (felix.marin@imdea.org )

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Friday, April 3, 2020