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IMDEA Energy participates in a session on light electric vehicle batteries

Electric mobility has spread far beyond the long-awaited electric car over the last years, bursting onto the light vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles and scooters with an exponential growth. In a very short time, these types of vehicles have been implemented, creating a new mobility and at the same time demanding a new battery production industry. In this sense, in this Diving Session organized on September 29th in collaboration between the SECPHO cluster, Clustermoto and Cluster MAV, the current challenges to create this battery production industry have been reviewed.

Specifically, in Panel 2, focused on current challenges in the electric battery manufacturing process (lifetime, thermal management, materials, manufacturing challenges), the future of electric batteries was discussed with a panel of interdisciplinary experts among the including Isabel Ayerdi, researcher and project manager at Ceit, Rafael Rodríguez, director of the EC testing division of Alter Technology, Salvador Ferrer, senior scientist at Alba Synchrotron, Baltasar López CEO of Millor Battery, and Enrique García - Quismondo, Researcher at IMDEA Energy, who has presented NanoBat, a European project whose objective is to develop innovative nanotechnological tools for quality testing of batteries, lithium-ion and beyond lithium, with the potential to redefine battery production.

IMDEA Energy Institute is one of the most advanced centers in Spain in the development of test methodologies for emerging batteries, both in quick advanced characterization tests on laboratory-scale cells and in developing accelerated aging tests in industrial battery prototypes.

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Event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_X6GDgGols&feature=youtu.be   
Nanobat Project https://www.nanobat.eu/  
Contact Enrique García – Quismondo, enrique.garcia@imdea.org

Event Date: 
Friday, October 9, 2020