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MOFSEIDON project kick-off

The project entitled “Combined separation and (photo)degradation of water contaminants using Metal-Organic Framework devices” (MOFSEIDON) started in June. The project is coordinated by IMDEA Energy and funded by the Spanish Research Agency in the Retos Investigación 2019 call, and aims to achieve a combined separation and degradation of water contaminants using hybrid porous materials.

Emerging organic contaminants are a large class of pollutants originated form human activity (e.g. plastics and plasticizers, pharmaceutical and personal care products, etc.). These molecules are often directly released into the environments after passing through wastewater treatment plans that are actually not equipped to remove them, representing a risk for health and environment. Due to the lack of knowledge of the effect of some of these pollutants and the low efficiency of the currently used treatment methods, it is necessary to seek new and more efficient purification alternatives. 

Furthermore, wastewater plants receive simultaneously antibiotics and organic contaminants, as well as resistant fecal and other commensal bacteria, becoming water disinfection complicated and challenging. Therefore, it is crucial to develop new materials for the treatment of wastewater combining the degradation of these emerging organic contaminants and disinfection.  

From the IMDEA Energy Foundation we propose to develop nobel continuous flow technologies based on new hybrid porous materials, known as Metal-Organic Frameworks (or MOFs), for the efficient elimination (separation and catalysis) of new contaminants and simultaneous disinfect real wastewater.

Researchers from the University of Murcia and University of Alcalá de Henares, and several national companies related to water supply and treatment (e.g. Canal de Isabel II, Cadagua) collaborate in this project.  

More information: Patricia Horcajada, Head of the Advanced Porous Materials Unit, patricia.horcajada@imdea.org.

Event Date: 
Thursday, September 10, 2020