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NanoMOFs as promising RNA nanocarriers

Cancer is still one of the high-societal concerned severe disease over the world. Novel strategies such as targeted delivery of genetic material has emerged as promising therapeutic approach since they are able to modulate/inhibit the progression of tumoral cells.

Among diverse drug delivery systems, nanoscaled metal-organic frameworks (nanoMOFs) have been proposed as an original and biocompatible therapeutic prototype. In this work*, we have demonstrated

  1. the successful loading of active nucleic acid inside nanoMOFs, ensuring its protection, 
  2. its efficient cell internalization and 
  3. its effective in vitro activity through the successful tumoral modification. 

In short, these promising outcomes pave the way for developing original & efficient nanoMOF-based gene delivery platforms.

(*) Hidalgo, T., Alonso-Nocelo, M., Bouzo, B.L., Reimondez-Troitiño, S., Abuin-Redondo, C., De La Fuente, M., Horcajada, P. (2020) Nanoscale, 12 (8), pp. 4839-4845.   publication

More information: Patricia Horcajada & Tania Hidalgo (Advanced Porous Materials Unit); patricia.horcajada@imdea.org, tania.hidalgo@imdea.org


Event Date: 
Monday, June 15, 2020