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New materials for fuel cells and purification

In recent years, the research field of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) has undergone a significant evolution because of their high potential in a variety of industrial processes, among others, fluid separation, heterogeneous catalysis, detection, biomedicine and energy.

The Advanced Porous Materials Unit of IMDEA Energy Institute has developed a new type of MOF materials based on pyrene-phosphonate ligands and different cations. In the process of obtaining their patent from the IMDEA Energy Institute, these materials stand out for their high chemical and thermal stability under extreme conditions, for example, aqueous solutions in the entire pH range, organic solvents, temperatures up to 450 ° C. Furthermore, these materials have an absence or low toxicity. In addition, they have proven their usefulness in various fields such as fuel cell components due to their proton conductivity and / or (photo) catalysts in purification processes (e.g. water treatment). Finally, note that they have demonstrated to be recyclable materials, which makes them economically interesting for these applications.

The patent of the new MOF materials synthesized in IMDEA Energy (including synthesis, characterization and applications) has been admitted for processing. This patent (P201931095; 11/12/2019) is available to the entities potentially interested for commercialization.

Contact: Félix Marín, Responsible for Development and Technology Transfer, felix.marin@imdea.org

Event Date: 
Friday, January 31, 2020