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The PQESO project is underway

PQESO project funded by Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) started in September. The principal project objectives are to evaluate the reports related to the deployment of power quality meters in distribution networks in Lithuania as well as to propose new services for the management of network events. This work assumes a detailed review of international and Lithuanian standards for power quality and for power quality measurement equipment.  

Quality of supply and power quality are the most important factors for all power network users (both consumers and producers). Principal parameters of power quality are all related with the voltage at the point of connection: permitted voltage range, frequency, harmonic quality, flicker, etc. With the expected massive deployment of renewable and distributed generation and with the replacement of conventional generators, the principal challenge for the network operators is to retain the quality of service starting from only a reduced number of available measurements from their networks at the moment. 

LEI institute and IMDEA Energy Institute joined forces to propose a roadmap for the installation of the power quality meters in Lithuanian networks. They will also look for the opportunities to use the obtained measurements to improve the indices of quality and supply. The role of IMDEA Energy Institute is to review the existing plans already prepared by LEI, to propose the roadmap for the installation of measurement equipment in different phases and to prepare the cost/benefit study for the network operator.

More information: Milan Prodanovic, Head of the Electrical Systems Unit milan.prodanovic@imdea.org


Event Date: 
Friday, October 9, 2020