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The SEIL platform in the Smart Grid Laboratories Inventory

The Joint Research Centre, JRC, European Commission’s science and knowledge service, has published the third release of the  ‘Smart Grid Laboratories Inventory 2018’, which has gathered feedback from 89 labs worldwide. The majority of them are located in Europe and North America, whereas also spotted some labs in other regions, like China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, etc. Generation and Distributed Energy Resources, DER (85.2%), Demand Response (75%), Grid Management (75%) and Storage (70.5%) are the main focus of the lab activities.

IMDEA Energy Institute’s Smart Energy Integration Lab (SEIL) is listed in this prestigious group of facilities. The SEIL platform allows analysis, development and testing of realistic scenarios for energy source integration to both AC and DC networks and also for operation of distribution power networks, islanded networks and microgrids. The results obtained from this test environment are more reliable and accurate than any computer based simulation. What makes SEIL a unique installation is the flexibility in implementation of control algorithms and simple access to all test and management data from any part of the network. The lab microgrid is capable of recreating a number of scenarios and events that occur in real power networks and, therefore, represents a useful tool when it comes to research, development and implementation of energy management algorithms.

More information: Milan Prodanovic, Head of the Electrical Systems Unit milan.prodanovic@imdea.org

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Thursday, April 2, 2020