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Web-based software solution for robust comparison of environmental indicators of hydrogen

Hydrogen is expected to play a major role in a future sustainable energy system. To that end, given the wide range of technology pathways for hydrogen production, the selection of the most environmentally friendly options is of paramount importance. Comparison between hydrogen alternatives is often based on different Life Cycle Assessment studies, using indicators such as the carbon footprint and the energy footprint. However, the comparison of life-cycle indicators of different hydrogen options is usually affected by inconsistencies in the methodological choices behind each analysis, especially when directly using literature values from different sources. This is very likely to lead to misinterpretation issues unless a methodological harmonisation approach is applied to the indicators used in the comparison; however, such a harmonisation may require significant efforts. In order to considerably facilitate this task, the Systems Analysis Unit of IMDEA Energy developed the web-based tool GreenH2armony® (www.greenh2armony.org), which –starting from carbon footprint, energy footprint and acidification values provided by the user and requesting straightforward information about the original study– computes the corresponding harmonised life-cycle indicators of hydrogen. Moreover, the tool automatically generates a report including not only the harmonised results but also their ranking within the current library of harmonised environmental indicators (which includes a large number of hydrogen options). It is a guided process that allows a very fast calculation of environmental indicators of hydrogen. This software solution has recently been validated* by researchers from the Systems Analysis Unit, successfully proving its usefulness as a tool for the robust comparison of environmental indicators of hydrogen options.

(*) Validation of GreenH2armony® as a Tool for the Computation of Harmonised Life-Cycle Indicators of Hydrogen. Antonio Valente, Diego Iribarren, Javier Dufour. Energies 2020, 13(7), 1603; (https://doi.org/10.3390/en13071603).         

Software: GreenH2armony®. Fundación IMDEA Energía. Antonio Valente, Diego Iribarren, Javier Dufour. Registration date: 15 January 2019. Reference: 16 / 2019 / 3274. https://imdeaenergy.greenh2armony.org/

More information: Diego Iribarren, Senior Researcher of the System Analysis Unit diego.iribarren@imdea.org

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Friday, June 19, 2020