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Webinar ‘Environmental instruments and policies for products in the European framework’

Webinar to be hold in Spanish language 

In the context of the activities of IMDEA Energy's Systems Analysis Unit, a webinar has been organized on environmental policies for products and the associated certification or verification instruments. This seminar is aimed at both the business world, as well as to the academia and public administration with an interest in environmental product certification.

The first part will be given by Alejandro Villanueva, representative of the Joint Research Center, JRC, who will explain environmental policies and product-oriented instruments at the European level. In the second session, AENOR representatives will present practical solutions for the certification and verification of sustainability aspects implemented in the Spanish framework.

Monday, November 16th, 2020, 15:00 – 18:00 (Online)

15:00. Presentación del seminario. Prof Javier Dufour

15:05. Política medioambiental de la Unión Europea para productos. Alejandro Villanueva, Comisión Europea, Centro Común de Investigación (JRC).

16:10. Sesión de preguntas. 

16:30. Soluciones de AENOR a las tendencias de sostenibilidad actuales. José Magro, AENOR.

17:00. Sesión de preguntas.

17:15. Caso práctico. Verificación de etiquetas tipo 3. Declaraciones Ambientales de Producto. José Andrés Martínez, AENOR.

17:45. Sesión de preguntas.

18:00. Cierre de la sesión.

Free registration until November 11thhttps://forms.gle/7seMbqGL2X1qtfWR6 

More Information: José Luis Gálvez, Senior Assistant Researcher, Systems Analysis Unit  joseluis.galvez@imdea.org

Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 11, 2020