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26th November - Newcomers Seminars

Newcomers Seminars aims is that every new researcher (postdoctoralsenior or senior assistant) will have the opportunity to introduce his/her selfto IMDEA staff. Due to the increased number of postdoctoral researcherswhich have enjoy the IMDEA energy family along the last year, we havedecided to change a little bit the Newcomers seminar structure. Thus, sinceNovember 2021 the session will be composed by two talks 25 min each with5-10 min each for questions, giving the opportunity to two postdoctoralresearchers to introduce their-self and also to show us their line of researchand interests.

The Newcomers seminar of November will be celebrate 26th at noon in the Auditorium. At the same time and on line link will be accessible.

The first speaker will be Dr. Eleonora Bargiacchi, with the talk entitle “Environmental, social, economic impacts of hydrogen systems: is it the right path towards a sustainable energy transition?"

The second one will be Dr. Débora Ruiz Martínez, with the talk “Advanced electrolytes to develop novel electrochemical energy storage devices”.


Dr. Eleonora Bargiacchi: “Environmental, social, economic impacts of hydrogen systems: is it the right path towards a sustainable energy transition?"

Postdoctoral researcher in System Analysis Unit. She works in IMDEA Energy since April 2021. Her experience is related with Life Cycle Assessment project and also, she has been involved in consultancy projects in the field of sustainability.


Hydrogen is gaining relevance and public attention as a versatile energy vector that can ease a large decarbonisation of many sectors of society. If produced by means of electrolysers, hydrogen could store large amounts of renewable energy or (surplus) electrical energy thus giving resilience to the electric grid, and a wide spread production and use of green hydrogen in the chemical industry could reduce the impact of the industrial sector by producing low impact chemicals (by the so-called Power-to-X technologies).

This seminar aims at giving an overview of some pathways for the production of green chemicals from hydrogen and carbon dioxide and their environmental impacts. The main finding of the work is that Power-to-X technologies could serve as efficient storage technologies in support of decarbonisation policies, under specific conditions.

Under the same umbrella of assessing the performance and the economic, social and environmental impacts of hydrogen technologies, two projects carried out at IMDEA Energy will be presented: the SH2E and the eGHOST projects, which have the objectives of formulating robust guidelines for the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and for the eco-design of hydrogen systems and technologies.

Dr. Débora Ruiz Martínez: Advanced electrolytes to develop novel electrochemical energy storage devices”

Postdoctoral researcher in Electrochemical Processes Unit. She joined IMDEA in June 2021. During her career, she has been involved in the development and characterization of new electrolytes for designing novel electrochemical energy storage devices. In particular, sodium ion and sodium metal batteries. At IMDEA, she will be focused on the development of new Solar Redox Flow batteries using uncommon electrolytes based on soluble supercapacitors.  




Event Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 2021