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Multi-functional TiO2-based photocatalytic for processes of environmental interest

The development of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies for chemicals and energy supply is one of the most important challenges for our society today. Such technologies must address the mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions, and in this sense, it is highly desirable to incorporate the abundant and renewable solar energy as the main source to power our future society. The design of materials suitable for solar energy conversion technologies should also address environmental and sustainability issues.

Scientists from IMDEA Energy, in collaboration with colleagues from the Rey Juan Carlos University, have been developing photocatalytic technologies for environmental application. The group of scientist recently developed highly active TiO2-based photocatalysts based on an ionic liquid (IL)-assisted synthesis. The prepared photocatalysts were shown to possess high performance and versatility for different photocatalytic processes of environmental interest, such as: water waste photocatalytic treatment and methanol photocatalytic reforming. In addition, when loaded with palladium nanoparticles, the prepared TiO2-based systems turn into effective heterogeneous catalysts for the Suzuki–Miyaura C–C coupling reactions, giving excellent halide conversions. The results of this investigation, recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Applied Catalysis A: General* illustrate how environmentally benign TiO2 can be modified by an scalable process to prepare a highly active and versatile (photo)catalysts.

(*) Miguel Díaz-Sánchez, Patricia Reñones, Irene Mena-Palomo, Eduardo López-Collazo, Fernando Fresno, Freddy E. Oropeza, Sanjiv Prashar, Víctor A. de la Peña O’Shea, Santiago Gómez-Ruiz. Ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of F-doped titanium dioxide nanomaterials with high surface area for multi-functional catalytic and photocatalytic applications. Applied Catalysis A: General. Volume 613, 5 March 2021, 118029. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apcata.2021.118029

More information: Victor de la Peña O´shea, head of unit, Photoactivated Processes Unit  victor.delapenya@imdea.org


Summary of the various catalytic and photo catalytic processes driven by ionic liquid (IL)-modified TiO2.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021