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Opening of the IMDEA Energy call for proposals of visiting researchers

IMDEA Energy launches the first call for proposals to host distinguished Principal Investigators and Senior Researchers that would like to perform a research stay at IMDEA Energy, within the framework of the “María de Maeztu” Unit of Excellence strategic programme. The main goal of the stays will be to perform and promote collaborative research, training and innovation initiatives in the field of sustainable fuels and transportation.

Selected visiting researchers, as an outcome of the call funding decision, will receive economic support. The travel cost from the home institution to Madrid (return ticket in tourist class), will be covered. In addition, an economic contribution of 2,500 € per week of stay will be given to the researcher.

Eligibility criteria:
This call is dedicated to fund research stays that fulfil the following eligibility criteria: 
i)  Research stay
Topic: The stay programme must address a topic in the sustainable transportation field, included in at least one of the research lines of the Maria de Maeztu scientific workprogramme:
            - Research line 1) New concepts for electromobility
            - Research line 2) Production of solar fuels
            - Research line 3) Fourth generation fuels from residues and wastes
Objectives: The proposed stay programme should lead to the performance of research, training and innovation activities of mutual interest during the stay in the selected research lines, and explore or provide inputs for establishing strategic R&I collaborations between IMDEA Energy and the research group or institution of the visiting researcher.
Duration: It is considered that a stay of 2 weeks could be sufficient to address the objectives declared above, however other durations will be accepted, between a minimum of 1 week and up to a maximum of 4 weeks, if necessary, for the achievement of the objectives of the stay.
ii) Visiting researcher
Research experience: Candidates to the stay programme are Senior researchers and Principal Investigators with a relevant scientific track-record in the field proposed.
Affiliation: The visiting researcher must be affiliated to excellent research centres or groups not located in Spain. The excellence of the research centre or group will be justified in relation to their positioning regarding indicators on scientific publications either innovation in a specific topic of interest.
Evaluation of candidates:
Candidatures received within the present call will be evaluated by members of the IMDEA Energy’s Scientific Council. The following evaluation criteria will be considered: 
●  Excellence of the visiting researcher
●  Excellence of the research institution or group
●  Complementarity of the research teams
●  Relevance and potential impact of the activities performed during the research stay
Call calendar:
●  16 April 2021: Call open for the submission of proposals. 
●  14 May 2021: Deadline for submission.
●  Until May 2021: Selection process of the visiting researchers to be hosted at IMDEA Energy.
●  May 2021: Communication of the evaluation results and funding decision.
● June 2021 – December 2021: Hosting of the visiting researchers (this period can be extended in case of force majeure situations due to covid-19 pandemic).
How to apply:
To submit your proposal, you must fill in the Application form (download template here), and send it to mdm.energy@imdea.org before the call deadline. The application must also enclose the following documents:
- Your CV, including your complete scientific track-record.
- A letter of support signed by a senior researcher at IMDEA Energy with whom the collaboration is expected during the research stay.
The technical programme for the stay, including the selected duration, activities and expected results, will be defined jointly between the visiting researcher and the host senior researcher. Check the scientific profiles of IMDEA Energy senior researchers and contact details here.
For administrative support and clarification of procedures regarding the call, you may send your request to mdm.energy@imdea.org.


IMDEA Energy has been accredited and funded by the Spanish State Research Agency through the Unit of Excellence “Maria de Maeztu grant with reference number CEX2019-000931-M (2020-2023) awarded in the “Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence” and the “María de Maeztu Units of Excellence” call 2019 of the Spanish State Programme for Knowledge Generation and Scientific and Technological Strengthening of the R&D&I System.

Event Date: 
Friday, May 14, 2021