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Photocatalytic ozonation for the degradation of contaminants of emerging concern

Anthropogenic contamination of water sources and water bodies with different organic species and microorganisms is a general problem and there are many different technologies that are used to treat water according to its subsequent use purpose and maximum allowable contamination. Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) represent one of the approaches for the removal of pollutants present in low concentrations, and among them photocatalytic ozonation (PH-OZ) is one of the most effective and promising. The improved capacity for decontamination and disinfection is due to the synergy between photocatalysis and ozonation.

IMDEA Energy, and specifically the Photoactivated Processes Unit, has participated in a work led by researchers from the Universities of Nova Gorica and Ljubljana, both in Slovenia, and from the National Institute of Chemistry of Slovenia, on the efficiency of the PH-OZ process with commercial TiO2 photocatalysts with different physicochemical characteristics. The study addresses the mechanistic aspects of degradation by photocatalytic ozonation of two organic pollutants: the insecticide thiacloprid and dichloroacetic acid (DCAA), a secondary pollutant that is generated in the chlorination of water. In addition to the mentioned centres, the study has had the collaboration of the Slovenian company BIA Separations.

(*) Synergism in TiO2 photocatalytic ozonation for the removal of dichloroacetic acid and thiacloprid. A. Šuligoj, M. Kete, U. Černigoj, F. Fresno, U. Lavrenčič Štangar. Environmental Research, 2021, 197, art. no. 110982. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envres.2021.110982

More information: Fernando Fresno, Senior Assistant Researcher, Photoactivated Processes Unit, fernando.fresno@imdea.org


Comparison of the degradation rates of the model molecules for all the AOPs and the different photocatalysts studied

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Friday, June 11, 2021