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Alba Fombona

Researcher in Training
Faradaic Desionization
Short Bio: 

Alba Fombona obtained her bachelor´s degree at the University of Oviedo (2020) after spending a year at Temple University (Philadephia), in collaboration with The Andrade´s Lab researcher group, specialized in the synthesis of natural products.

During her last year of the degree, she joined Quimolinor´s research group, working in the selective addition of highly polarized lithium phosphides generated in deep eutectic solvents to aldehydes and epoxides.

Next year, she realized a master´s degree in Chemistry and Sustainable Development while she obtained a scholarship called “JAE Intro” from the National Institute of Science and Technology of Carbon (INCAR), CSIC. The scholaship was focussed in the devolpment of carbon materials with a porous structure and surface chemistry controlled, and their study as anodes for sodium ion capacitors.