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Almudena Sañudo

Researcher in training
Develop of new catalysts and thermochemical process for a most sustainable energy system
Short Bio: 

Graduated in Chemical Engineer by the University of Cantabria in 2017. During the career, carried out professional practices in the company Solvay Química S.L, in the carbonate production unit. Her final degree project “Huella de carbono de un parque eólico”, she determined of life cycle assessment of the installation. Subsequently, in 2017/2018, he completed the Master's Degree in Energy and Fuels for the Future, at the University Autónoma of Madrid. Her Master Thesis was developed at the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (CSIC), "Obtención de biocombustibles a partir de ácido levulínico mediante catalizadores de Pd soportado", the main objective of this project was to identify and develop new catalytic technologies to take advantage of the integrality, sustainability and competitiveness of lignocellulosic products and transformed into renewable chemicals and biofuels.. In September 2018, she joined IMDEA Energy as a researcher in training.