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Ana Vega

Researcher in training
Microalgae growth in liquid fraction of digestate
Short Bio: 

Ana Vega de Armas has a degree in Biology and a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Sevilla. During her studies she made a research traineeship at the Institut für Botanik of the University of Hannover (Hannover, Germany), where she worked in the project “Removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater using microalgae”, and after that at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Uppsala, Sweden), where she carried out the project “Analysis of protein interaction in N. benthamiana”. Later, she studied a master’s degree in Advanced Biology, specialty in Applied and Industrial Biology, from the University of Sevilla. She carried out her Master’s Thesis, titled “Functional study of a protein of response to nutritional stress in cyanobacteria”, at the Institute of Vegetal Biochemistry and Photosynthesis (CSIC) of Sevilla. In January 2019 she joined the Unit of Biotechnological Processes at IMDEA Energy as a researcher in training.