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Carlos de la Cruz

Predoctoral Researcher
Computational studies of redox pairs for flow batteries
Short Bio: 

I got the graduate on Chemistry within Complutense University of Madrid in 2014, I did my final degree work based on the "Synthesis and functionalize fullerenes for photovoltaic systems". Then I completed the Master of Organic Chemistry at the UCM, where the end-of-master project was the "Design of multitarget inhibitors for Alzheimer disease through bioinformatics tools" inside a group of the CIB (Biological Research Center). After that they extended my time to research and acquired more experience in the computer field during the last two years, thus I carry on with the initial research by changing the approaches and methods for the design of inhibitors, and during that time I could collaborate with members of the IQM (Institute of Medical Chemistry) and the UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid) who performed the experimental tests to validate these theoretical calculations. During that time I also obtained training in the field of computer science applied to chemistry with techniques such as machine learning or generation of prediction models. In April 2018 I joined as a predoctoral researcher in the field of flow batteries researching the best compounds to act as redox pairs, using computational calculations.