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Carlos González

Predoctoral Researcher
Pyrolysis of waste to obtain bio-oils with different applications. Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC process) from the organic fraction of urban solid waste (FORSU)
Short Bio: 

Carlos González has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2016. The results obtained in the final degree project entitled “Design of an aromatics extractor from a pyrolysis gasoline using ionic liquids as solvent” allowed him to obtain his first publication in a high impact scientific journal (AIChE Journal).
Subsequently, he obtained the Master in Chemical Science and Technologies (KHEMIA) from the University of Granada in 2017. During the master's degree he developed a business internship for two months in the quality, MA and GMP department of the company Jalsosa SL (Pinos Puente)
From November 2017 to June 2019 he was working in the technology consulting sector for the company Everis SLU, on projects in the public sector. After this period he obtained the Master in Materials Processing Technologies from the Rey Juan Carlos University in 2020. During its development, he was hired as support research staff until June 2020 in projects about smart polymerics materials with shape-memory and self-healing.
At present, he has been part of IMDEA Energía since January 2021 as a predoctoral researcher in the "BioCharFilt" project, within the Thermochemical Processes Unit. Advances in research will be used for the preparation of a doctoral thesis for the Doctoral School of the Rey Juan Carlos University.