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Carmen García

Predoctoral Researcher
Design and synthesis of conducting polymers to create organic/inorganic hybrids to use as photocatalysts for the reduction of CO2
Short Bio: 

Carmen García López graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Universidad Complutense de Mardid (UCM) in 2015. Her thesis dealt with “Design and synthesis of new fluorophores (BODIPY) for different photonic applications,” developed within the Organic Chemistry I Department at UCM.

In 2016, she got her master’s degree in Organic Chemistry at UCM and her final master’s thesis related to “The study of the regioselectivity of the Negishi reaction in haloBODIPYs.” A portion of the results were recently published in JOC (DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.6b00350).

In the professional realm, she interned at Laboratorio Control analyzing the control of the quality of water.

Since June 2016, she is working on her doctoral degree while working with the Photoactivated Processes research group at IMDEA Energy.