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Dr. Débora Ruiz Martínez

Postdoctoral Researcher
Study of new inorganic electrolytes for development of sodium batteries. Univeristy of Alicante. Alicante
Study and development of solar flow batteries.
Short Bio: 

Débora Ruiz-Martínez studied chemistry at the University of Alicante. She did a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry in the research group of Professor Miguel A. Yus Astiz at the University of Alicante. Particularly, she researched the enantioselective reduction of imines and ketones, including reaction under inert atmosphere and low-temperature conditions. In January 2019, she completed her PhD degree in the interuniversity program of Electrochemistry, Science and Technology in the research group of Roberto Gómez and was graded as excellent “cum-laude”. In this period, she did a significant contribution to the research group by opening a new line of investigation on rechargeable batteries. Throughout her doctoral career, she has also participated in several research projects with European companies (Broadbit, from Finland) as a contracted researcher. In 2020, she was awarded the “UA:emprende” prize. After her PhD studies, she was postdoctoral researcher in a European project about electrochemical depolymerization of lignin (820735-LIBERATE) at the University of Alicante. Also, she was the main researcher in an applicate private project (BROADBIT-B01-20I) focused on the development of new lithium-sulfur-based batteries. Since June 2021, Dra. Débora Ruiz-Martínez holds a postdoctoral position in the Electrochemical Processes Unit of IMDEA Energy to participate in the European project LIGHT-CAP (project-ID 101017821) to develop solar redox flow battery.