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Dr. Carlos Fernández

Postdoctoral Researcher
Short Bio: 

Carlos Fernández is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Imdea Energía since September 2021. His research line is focused on the development of metalorganic framework catalysts for the production of dehalogenated sustainable oils.

He obtained a Chemical Degree from the University of Seville, performing the final project degree in the Science Materials Institute of Cartuja. Subsequently, he obtained a master degree in Sustainable Chemistry from the Chemistry Technology Institute and the Polytechnique University of Valencia.

In 2016 he was granted a predoctoral contract (FPI) financed by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad to realize the doctoral thesis in the Autonomous University of Madrid. Received the PhD with an “international” and “cum laude” mention, with a doctoral thesis entitled “Production of valuable hydrocarbons by catalytic hydrodechlorination of chloromethanes”, developed in the Chemical Engineering Department of the Science Faculty of the Autonomous University of Madrid. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Luisa Gómez and Dr Jorge Bedia, funded and framed by the projects CTM2014-53008-R y CTM2017-85498-R, after completing an international research stay at Penn State University (USA).

As a researcher he is the author of 6 articles published in high-impact scientific journals, 4 of them as the first author, some developed as a result of his research stay and international collaborations.

In September 2021 he joints at Imdea Energía, in a project carried on by the Thermochemical and the Advanced Porous Materials Units, as a postdoctoral researcher (María de Maeztu), in which he studies the development of metalorganic framework catalysts for the removal of halogenated compounds present on pyrolytic oils obtained from municipal solid waste and the subsequent obtention of sustainable fuels.