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Dr. Fernando Fresno

Senior Assistant Researcher
Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC)-Autonoma University of Madrid. Madrid. Spain
Photocatalytic processes for energy applications: CO2 reduction and hydrogen production. Synthesis and characterisation of inorganic photocatalysts
Short Bio: 

Fernando Fresno obtained his MSc in Chemistry at the Autónoma University of Madrid (UAM) in 2001 and his PhD from the same University in 2006, after carrying out a Doctoral Thesis in the Institute of Catalysis of CSIC, in collaboration with the Inorganic Chemistry department of UAM. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at CIEMAT and ICP-CSIC, and afterwards as Research Associate and Assistant Professor at the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. He has spent visiting periods in IRCELYON and ICPEES (France) and in the Universities of Aberdeen (UK) and Niigata (Japan). His scientific activity focuses on the development of materials for an efficient use of solar energy in energy and environmental applications, mainly by photocatalytic and thermochemical processes. He has published more than 40 scientific papers and contributed with more than 100 communications to scientific conferences. He is co-inventor in two patents in the field of photovoltaic and photocatalytic materials. He has recently co-edited the book “Design of Advanced Photocatalytic Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications” (Springer 2013, ISBN 978-1-4471-5060) and he is a member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Chemistry.