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Dr. Francesco Rovense

Postdoctoral Visitor Researcher
University of Calabria (Italy)
Highly-Flexible and Dispatchable Polygeneration system using Concentrated Solar Technologies
Short Bio: 

Francesco Rovense obtained the master degree in Energy Engineering with great honour at the department of mechanical, energy and management engineering of the University of Calabria (Italy). He attended the XXX cycle of the PhD course in Civil and Industrial Engineering of the University of Calabria, where defended in July 2018 his thesis titled “Study of an unfired closed Joule-Brayton cycle in a concentrating solar tower plant with a mass flow rate control system” obtaining the excellent classification and European PhD mention. Francesco was post-doc in his department, working on the numerical modelling and experimental validation of a Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine cooling system. In 2019 he joined in the High Temperature Processes Units at IMDEA Energy as post-doc researcher fellow, working in the EU funded Next-CSP project in power plant dynamic modelling task.

Currently, Francesco is developing his research project, related to a “Highly-Flexible and Dispatchable Polygeneration system using Concentrated Solar Technologies”, as a GET-COFUND Marie S. Curie Fellow, in joint collaboration between the Rey Juan Carlos University (Department of Chemical, Energy and Mechanical Technology) and IMDEA Energy (High-Temperature Processes Unit).