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Dr. Sérgio Vilela

Postdoctoral Researcher
Universidad de Aveiro. Aveiro. Portugal
Design and synthesis of novel porous coordination polymers with proton conductive properties. Development of polycomplexant organic ligands.
Short Bio: 

Sérgio M. Felipe Vilela was born in Vila Real (Portugal) on July 14th 1983. He got his BSc honors in Chemistry at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD, Vila Real) and the MSc in Laboratory Analysis (at UTAD in collaboration with University of Aveiro-UA, Aveiro, Portugal, 2009). He concluded his PhD in Chemistry, thesis entitled “Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Phosphonate Linkers”, at UA under the supervision of Drs. Filipe A. Almeida Paz and João P. C. Tomé. During his PhD, he performed a scientific stay at the Faculty of Sciences of University of Granada (Granada, Spain) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. J. Rodríguez Navarro. In 2014, he started as postdoctoral researcher also at UA for 2 years with an additional scientific stay in the University of Granada in collaboration with Prof. Dr. J. Rodríguez Navarro. His scientific interests are focused on the synthesis and characterization of Porous Coordination Polymers (PCPs) or Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with potential applications in diverse strategic areas, such as heterogeneous catalysis, photoluminescence and gas adsorption/separation. Recently, he moved to Instituto IMDEA Energy (Móstoles-Madrid, Spain), specifically to the Advanced Porous Materials Unit, where he is currently postdoctoral researcher. His work involves the design and preparation of porous coordination polymers with potential application in proton conductivity. Sérgio M. Felipe Vilela is coauthor of 29 scientific paper manuscripts, published in international journals cited in the Science Citation Index (SCI), 8 oral and 32 poster communications.