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Dra. Marta Liras

Senior Assistant Researcher
Complutense University of Madrid. Madrid. Spain
Design and synthesis of Light harvesting multifunctional Hybrid materials for Energy and reactivity. Development of new strategies for the synthesis of Porous Polymers as well as their processability for energy applications.
Short Bio: 

Marta Liras’s is Senior Assistant Researcher in the IMDEA Energy Institute in the Photoactivated Processes Unit. Her curriculum vita shows a remarkable multidisciplinary character, as well as a high mobility. She obtained her bachelor degree in 1999 by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and the Grade in the same year by her experimental work in Photochemistry. She obtained her Organic Chemistry Science PhD in 2003 at UCM under the supervision Prof. Amat Guerri and Prof. Sastre from IQOG-CSIC and from ICTP-CSIC, respectively by her works is solid state laser dyes. During 2004 she enjoyed a postdoctoral fellowship, funded by Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (CM). Afterwards, she was awarded with a postdoctoral grant into the Juan de la Cierva Programme (2005-2007) and subsequently postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa (Canada) under the supervision of J. C. (Tito) Scaiano (2008-2009). She come back to ICTP-CSIC with a JAE-Doc contract funded by European Social Fund (2009-2012) and afterward her contract was funded by several projects. At the end of 2013 she was contracted with a Consolider project in Prof. Felix Sanchez group IQOG-CSIC. At the end of 2015 she enjoys IMDEA energy Institute in the Photoactive Processes Unit leader by Victor A. de la Peña O´Shea whom has been honoured with an ERC-CoG. The same year she was awarded with a Ramon y Cajal Grant, (2016 call) being promoted to Senior Assistant Researcher of Photoactivated Processes unit. Along these years her principal research lines can be summarized in: 1-.Solid Laser based in BODIPY Dyes; 2-. Photolithography; 3-. Nanoparticles Chemistry and Funcionalization; 4-. New Smart Hybrid Materials based on Polymers and Nanoobject; 5-. Heterogeneous catalyst based on Conjugated Porous Polymers 6-Artificial Photosynthesis: H2 production and CO2 valorization.

Dr. Marta Liras is co-author of more than 80 science papers (plus four more submitted or in preparation), 74 of them SCI, 23 of them as corresponding author. Besides, she is coinventor in 2 Patent. These publications sum currently a total of 1811 cites in the JCR (by Scopus) journals (with an average citation per item of 25, h-index of 28 and i10 of 55). She has participated in a large number of Project at European level (ERC-CoG, ERC -PoC, FET-Proactive, CSA-flagship), national, and regional (Tecnologias 2018) some of them coordinated by Photoactivated process Unit. Currently she is PI of a national project (NHympha PID2019-106315RB-I00). During her career she has supervised more than 5 post-doctoral researchers and co-directed 1 PhD Thesis already defended and 2 more are currently being developed under her supervision. Also, during last five year she has supervised 8 master thesis works as well as 11 FP students.