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Dr. Marta Liras

Senior Assistant Researcher
Complutense University of Madrid. Madrid. Spain
Design and Synthesis of Photoluminescence polymers. Development of smart nanoobjects based on organic-inorganic hybrid. Synthesis of Porous Organic Polymers (POPs) for catalyst and photocatalysis applications.
Short Bio: 

She obtained her master degree in Chemistry Science (Organic Chemistry) by Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in 1999 for her studies in the photoreactivity of aza-di-π-methane compounds. She obtained her PhD in 2003 in UCM for her work developed between both Instituto de Química Orgánica General (IQOG-CSIC) and Instituto Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros (ICTP-CSIC) in collaboration with Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano (IQFR-CSIC). Her thesis was about the synthesis of monomers, polymers and copolymers based on BODIPY dyes and their evaluation as solid state laser dyes. During 2004 she has a Comunidad de Madrid (CAM) postdoctoral fellow and she obtained a contract into the Juan de la Cierva Programme (2005-2007). During this step she researched about red and blue laser dyes as well as organic inorganic hybrid dyes with the aim to used them in biomedical applications. During 2008 she went to University of Ottawa (Canada) as postdoctoral fellow in the Prof. J. C. Scaiano group with a contract funded by INTEL Coorp. with the two photon process for photolithography topic and in parallel she acquired knowledge in the synthesis and characterization of luminescence nanoparticles such as quantum dot and up conversion nanoparticles. Afterward, she returned to ICTP-CSIC with a JAE-Doc contract (2010-2013). During this time she developed new strategies to the polymeric coating of several kinds of nano objects (QD´s, UCNP´s, graphene, carbon nanotubes and so on) developing new smart nanomaterials. During the last two year she has been part of the Heterogeneous Catalysis group in the IQOG-CSIC, inside Consolider Ingenio Project leadership by Prof. A. Corma, where she has use Porous Organic Polymers (POPs) such as Photocatalyst. 

She is co-author of more than 55 papers, 1 invention patent and 40 contributions to scientific congress. During the last years she has participated in 16 research projects funded by several national and international institutions public and privates. She has supervised three master thesis and several undergraduate student projects.