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Dr. Julio José Lado

Senior Researcher
Asymmetric Capacitive Deionization. Alcalá University. Madrid. Spain.
Capacitive Deionization, Blue Energy, Carbon Electrodes Coated with Metallic Oxides. Selective Removal of Ions.
Short Bio: 

Dr. Julio J. Lado Garrido holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry by Alcalá University of Madrid (2014). Dr. Lado performed his PhD in IMDEA-Water research institute in close collaboration with the Environmental Chemistry and Technology (ECT) program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison, USA). His scientific interest was focused on the study of asymmetric capacitive deionization cells for water desalination in different scenarios. After his PhD he obtained a postdoctoral fellowship in 2014 from CAPES (a Brazilian Research Government Agency) and joined the group of Assistant Professor Luis A.M. Ruotolo at the Federal University of São Carlos in São Paulo (Brazil). At the beginning of 2017 he got a postdoctoral fellowship from Comunidad de Madrid and its program “Attraction of Youth Talent” and started to work at IMDEA Energy in February 2017. The core of his work is focused on developing a research line based on the Water-Energy Nexus paying special attention to electrochemical water treatment and processes such as capacitive deionization, battery desalination and energy harvesting from salinity gradients. As result of his scientific career, he is author of 16 scientific publications in international journals with a total number of 318 references. He has an “h index” of 10 and 20 contributions to scientific conferences.