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Guzmán García

Laboratory Technician
Short Bio: 

Guzmán García graduated in Chemistry from University of Valladolid and holds a Master in Chemical Science and Technology from UNED. He has more than eight years of research experience working in national (Spanish) and European projects for the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology Group at UVa (University of Valladolid) and for the R&D Technological Centre at Técnicas Reunidas. He has also worked in the industrial sector, in areas such as a chemical-pharmaceutical plant, a water quality laboratory and a material quality control laboratory. He is coauthor of several papers and posters, and one patent.

At Electrochemical Processes Unit, he’s in charge of experiments at the laboratory and pilot plant which aim to develop processes and prototypes for different applications, such as flow batteries for energy storage or supercapacitors for water deionization and critical raw materials recovery.