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Ignacio Almonacid

Laboratory Technician
Short Bio: 

Ignacio Almonacid is Industrial Technical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with a specialty in automation engineering. His career has been developed working mainly in the field of systems automation developing control systems for production lines in Airbus Getafe and PSA among others. In 2013, he joined IMDEA Energy as a researcher in training for the development of control processes using tools such as LabVIEW and MATLAB-Simulink applied to the design of advanced battery tests. 

Since 2014 he works as a Specialist Engineer in the Electrochemical Processes Unit, his research work is focused on the implementation of processes, in the development of applications for advanced tests of batteries, in the design of electric control panels and in the fabrication of pieces by 3D printing at micro and macro scales, from mm2 to cm2. He also works on the commissioning, operation and experimentation of electrochemical devices at Pilot Plant scale.

In total he has participated in more than 20 projects and research contracts in the last 6 years, several of them financed by private entities giving support to the development of software for the control of systems and processes collaborating directly with the client.