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Dr. Jennifer Cueto

Postdoctoral Researcher
Short Bio: 

Dra. Jennifer Cueto has completed her undergraduate (2014) and master (2016) studies in Chemical Engineering. In January 2020, she obtained the Ph. D. degree with international mention and Cum Laude distinction in the doctoral program of Chemical, Environmental and Bio-Food Engineering (University of Oviedo). Her doctoral thesis, entitled "Transformation of platform biomolecules through aldol condensation reactions in liquid phase" was directed by Prof. Salvador Ordóñez and Dra. Laura Faba. It was developed mainly at the University of Oviedo, as well as at the RWTH University of Aachen (Germany) in the context of a predoctoral stay. As to the teaching activity, it has consisted of the collaboration in laboratory classes for different undergraduate studies (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology). Subsequently, she worked for six months at the ArcelorMittal R&D Center as a project engineer through Innvel 2 Consulting. After a brief period as a researcher in the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Oviedo, she joined the Thermochemical Processes Unit as a Postdoctoral Researcher in September 2021. Her research lines are focused on the development of catalysts with acid/base properties and their applicability in the pyrolysis of different lignocellulosic residues.