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José Antonio Magdalena

Predoctoral Researcher
Anaerobic digestion of micro-algae
Short Bio: 

I am a chemical engineer graduated from the University of Cantabria in 2015. I finished my project at the University Politechnika Krakowska (Cracow, Poland), whose tittle was “Determination of bacteria concentration by turbidimetric measurements”.

After that I applied for the Master in Industrial an Environmental Biotechnology from the Complutense University of Madrid. The master thesis was carried out at CIB-CSIC in the field of environmental biotechnology. The tittle of this work was “Enzyme production and scaling for the treatment of lignocellulosic biomass”.

Eventually, I did an internship at Applikon Biotechnology (Delft, The Netherlands) in the field of process engineering where I worked with oxygen transfer in fermenters and, after that, I joined Biotechnological Processes Unit at the IMDEA Energy Institute as researcher in training in February 2017. I am predoctoral resercher in the same unit since January 2018.