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Julio López

Predoctoral Researcher
Development of new thermochemical processes for a more sustainable energy.
Short Bio: 

Julio López holds a Master's Degree in Chemical Sciences and Technologies (KHEMIA) from the University of Granada, having completed the final Master's thesis entitled: "Characterization by HPLC-MS/MS of emerging pollutants with possible environmental impact". He previously obtained a degree in Chemistry from the University of Seville (2017). During her studies, she did internships at the Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC) located in Seville, in the branch of biochemical research. His end-of-degree work "use of metal-organic hybrids in oxygen transfer reactions" carried out in the department of Inorganic Chemistry, was based on the synthesis, characterization and use of different catalysts based on complexes of molybdenum and tungsten to test the catalytic and oxidizing power in oxidation reactions. Since March 2019 he has been a predoctoral researcher in the Thermochemical Processes Unit of IMDEA energy.