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Patricia Reñones

Predoctoral Researcher
Production of fuels and industrial products of interest through photocatalytic reduction of CO2
Short Bio: 

Patricia Reñones Brasa is graduated in Chemical Engineering by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid in 2013. Her Final Degree Project was, “Synthesis of dense membranes palladium for application in hydrogen production processes” developed in laboratories URJC. In the professional field she has made practices in Artesolar Iluminación S.A. and in Hutchinson Industrias del Caucho S.A.

At the present she is on her way of achieving an official Interuniversity Master in Chemical Engineering in both Autonoma’s and Rey Juan Carlos Universities of Madrid. She is doing her Final Master Project in the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (CSIC), about: development of materials for sustainable hydrogen production via thermochemical processes of solar water dissociation at high temperature.  Since November 2014 until November 2015 she worked as a researcher in training at the Thermochemical Processes Unit in IMDEA Energy. Since November 2015 she is predoctoral researcher in the Photoactivated Processes Unit.