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Dr. Paula Navalpotro

Postdoctoral Researcher
Development of New Redox Electrolytes and Their Application in Novel Energy Storage Devices. Autónoma University of Madrid. Madrid. (Spain)
Study and Development of new organic redox materials suitable for electrochemical energy storage devices
Short Bio: 

Paula Navalpotro Molina is Chemical Engineer and holds a Master degree in Renewable Energies. In 2014 she joined the Electrochemical Processes Unit of IMDEA Energy Institute as a predoctoral researcher (FPI fellowship) under the supervision of Dr. Rebeca Marcilla and Dr. Jesús Palma. Her PhD research was focused on the development of new redox electrolytes and their application in novel energy storage devices. In 2017, she enjoyed a research stay in the group of Prof. Joao A. P. Coutinho and Dr. Mara G. Freire - Processes and Products of Applied Thermodynamics (PATh) of the University of Aveiro (Portugal). In that period, she studied Aqueous Biphasic Systems (ABS) as immiscible electrolytes and their application in a new concept of Membrane-Free Battery. She got her PhD in Electrochemistry, Science and Technology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2018. After her PhD studies, she got a fellowship for young postdoctoral researchers and started in the Polymer Composite Group in the Polymer Science and Technology Institute from the Spanish Scientific Research Council. Since March 2020, Dr. Paula Navalpotro holds a postdoctoral position in the Electrochemical Processes Unit of IMDEA Energy Institute to participate in the ERC MFreeB project studying new electrolytes and designs for membrane-free redox flow batteries.