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Rebecca Grieco

Predoctoral Researcher
Redox-Conjugated Porous Polymer for Sustainable Batteries
Short Bio: 

Rebecca Grieco obtained her Master degree in Analytical Chemistry at Sapienza University of Rome (2019). She carried out her master traineeship at the Energy and Technologies Department of ENEA Casaccia, Rome. During this Final Master Project, she synthesized and characterized a series of layered-spinel materials with the general chemical formula xLi2MnO3 (1-x) LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 to be used as cathodes in lithium-ion cells.

On July 2020, Rebecca Grieco joined the Electrochemical Processes Unit at IMDEA Energy as Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR) within the ETN-POLYSTORAGE training network. The main objective of her PhD project is the development of conjugated porous polymers with large surface area and redox-active groups. This project will include the synthesis of these polymers having redox-active moieties, the control of the morphology, the investigation of electrochemical properties and the final application in sustainable batteries.