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Dr. Milan Prodanovic

Senior Researcher & Head of Unit
Imperial College. London. United Kingdom
Modelling and control of electrical and electronic systems; power electronic converters; integration of renewable energy and distributed generation; active management of microgrids and distribution power networks; real-time embedded control systems.
Short Bio: 

Milan received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from University of Belgrade, Serbia and Imperial College, London, UK respectively. After being employed by GVS engineering company (Serbia) and developing power electronic circuits and control algorithms for inverter and UPS systems, he moved to Imperial College where he was engaged in a number of academic and industrial projects and activities ranging from integration of distributed generation and modelling, design and control of large scale power converters for  microgrids application to decentralised control and real-time simulation of power networks, energy efficiency in systems for vibration testing, educational programs and public dissemination events. In 2010 Milan moved to Institute IMDEA Energy and took charge of the Electrical Systems Unit.

Milan participated in several national research projects in UK and Spain, European projects and numerous industrial collaborations where he often acted as Principal Investigator. He conducted his research activities in UK, Spain, Belgium, Japan and Kenya and authored several highly cited journal papers. In order to provide experimental support for his research, he has designed and constructed several inverter-based laboratory microgrids normally consisted of power inverters, configurable distribution networks, programmable loads, control systems etc.

Milan is a patent holder of three international patent applications in the area of energy efficiency and converter control. During his career, Milan won several research competitions and personal research grants, among others Ramón y Cajal and Amarout.

His research interests lie in control and design of power electronic systems, real-time control of distribution power networks, active energy management of microgrids and energy systems and energy efficiency in industrial applications.