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Dra. Silvia Greses

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Valencia. Valencia. Spain
Anaerobic degradation of microalgal biomass in order to maximize its energetic valorisation as biofuel.
Short Bio: 

Silvia Greses is a postdoctoral researcher in the Unit of Biotechnological Processes of IMDEA Energy. She is chemical engineer and obtained a Master degree on Environmental engineering at the University of Valencia, where she also got her PhD with international mention in Chemical, Environmental and Process engineering in 2018. Her thesis title was “Anaerobic degradation of microalgae that come from the effluent of a wastewater anaerobic treatment performed in an AnMBR”. During her PhD studies she gave lectures at University of Valencia and supervised Master thesis, as well as she was visiting student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Ås, Norway), where she studied the microbial communities involved in the anaerobic digestion processes through the 16S rRNA gen, including the bioinformatics and statistical analysis.  After her PhD, she worked as a project assistant in European projects such as LIFE Memory and the first Innovation Deal focuses on reclaimed water reuse. Silvia has been working in biogas production field since 2010. She has studied the anaerobic degradation of different substrates such as municipal wastewater, human urine, the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and microalgal biomass in order to maximize their energy valorisation as methane by using different reactor configuration and optimizing the operational conditions. Moreover, she has also studied biomass pretreatments, the specific methanogenic activity and the inhibition of microbial communities. Nowadays, her research is focused on energetic valorisation of different waste streams as biofuel.