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Tania Mazuelo

Researcher in Training
Nanostructured Hybrid Materials for Solar Fuels Photoelectrocatalytic Production.
Short Bio: 

Tania studied Chemistry in Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), where she graduated in 2017. Her final degree project consisted of the synthesis of new derivatives of BODIPYs for biomedical applications. In 2018, she obtained a Master degree in Organic Chemistry at the same university, where she continued her research in the design, synthesis and characterization of new fluorescent probes based on BODIPYs. To carry out the biological studies and the measurements of the photophysical properties of the synthesized probes in her final master's project, Tania collaborated with CSIC and  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In the professional field, since 2019, Tania has worked in AIRBUS physical-chemical laboratory and studied in parallel the Master degree in Decision-Making and Innovation at Fundación Universidad Empresa. In 2021, she began working as a predoctoral researcher in the Photoactivated Processes Unit of IMDEA Energy thanks to a FPI scholarship.